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Children's Bedrooms

It’s a fact of life.  Children + Toys & Clothes = Mess

Well here’s the good news.  We can help you design a bedroom with space for everything – clothes, toys, TV, computer, books and games. And with luck, everything will be kept in its space.  But of course, we can’t guarantee it’ll stay that way!

The point is, a child’s bedroom needs to be designed from a child’s perspective, with colours and a layout that will appeal to a child, and with units that are appropriate to their size.  That’s why, if you’re happy for them to do so, our designers will listen to your children’s ideas and take them on board.  And isn’t it good to involve them in the whole process!

What’s more, the design needs to be flexible, so that it can adapt and change as your child grows and their needs change, so toy space can become clothes space...and that’s just what our children’s bedroom wardrobes are designed to do.

So you see; designing children’s bedrooms is far from child’s play.

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